Collaborative Projects in Research and Education

Three Dimensional Development of Lab-Exchange Type Biomedical Science Research Consortium

Our international collaborative program ‘Three Dimensional Development of Lab-Exchange Type Biomedical Science Research Consortium’was selected as a Core-to-Core Program of JSPS (Japan Society dor the Promotion of Science).

Waseda University (Tokyo), National University of Singapore (NUS; Singapore), Universität Bonn (LIMES; Germany), Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT; Italy), UCLA School of Medicince (USA) are in partnership with each other to exchange researchers and students for a short-term. This project aims to enhance their global communication, and to promote collaborative and crossdisciplinary studies. Experiments and discussion with resarchers in distinct reserach fields in this program will bring us unexpected great findings. We are planning to hold international conferences once per year by researchers and students belonging to the partner institutes.

This project is financially supported by JSPS from FY 2014 to 2018.

The first international conference for the project was greatly held in September, 2014, at the Kamogawa Seminar House of Waseda University, Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan. Researchers and students of the partner institutes gathered there and celebrated our launching of this international and interdisciplinary project, through a number of oral and poster presentations followed by intensive discussion.

We have already started short-term dispatch of students and researchers to the partner institutes (Universität Bonn, National University of Singapore and UCLA) and to others.

  • Scenes from the short-term stay at Universität Bonn (LIMES): August, 2014.

  • Scenes from the celebrative international conference in Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan: September, 2014.

Lab-Exchange Type Biomedical Science Research Program between Waseda University and Universität Bonn (LIMES).

This program aims to promote international collaboration between us (Department of Life Science and Medical Bioscience, Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Waseda University [CABSW] ) and Life & Medical Sciences Bonn Institute (LIMES), Universität Bonn. We have made an official agreement to set up our branch in LIMES (WASEDA in LIMES) and perform the lab-to-lab communication between undergraduate and graduate students (master course and PhD course) from our department and professors in LIMES.

In this program, 10~20 students (from undergraduate students of the fourth year and from graduate students of master/PhD courses) per year are selected as delegates of our department, and are dispatched to LIMES labs for 14 days during the summer holiday season. To make the short-term stay successful, delegates are educated even before the dispatch, both by the professor of the original lab in our deparment and by the professor of the LIMES lab where they are to be dispatched. During the intense stay, delegates learn knowledge, experimental skills, ability for communication and leadership. On the last day of the stay, our delegates and LIMES hold a joint symposium, in which delegates present the output and achievement obtained during the stay. Students who registered for the internship subject obtain 2 credits. This is how our department educates our students: in order to contemplate and discuss science from different angles deeply, and to learn practical techniques of both institutes to promote cross-disciprinary research.

Every year in April, we open a meeting to explain and introduce the program for those who want to join the project. Eligibility: regarding the language ability, the TOEIC score more than 600 is required. Students who are to proceed to the PhD course (after the master course) in the future have priority. We also encourage mid-term or long-term study abroad. Indeed, some student who attended this program have proceeded to the PhD course afterwards. Details for the cost for the travel and stay will be explained at the introductory meeting. Briefly, there are some systems for support of students (such as JASSO).

Joint retreat and symposium

This progam presents opportunities for our students to stay at LIMES, but there is the counterpart program for PhD students in LIMES to come to our department in Waseda University, and to hold a joint retreat and joint symposium. We have already had 15 times of symposia in total (both in Japan and in Germany), and professors in two institutes always send a message to inspire young students to perform international cross-discriprinary research. In 2014, we enjoyed the program in Universität Bonn (the 14th joint synposium) and in the Kamogawa Seminar House of Waseda University (the 15th joint synposium).

In the joint synposium in 2012, more than 70 students enjoyed a 3-day retreat at the Karuizawa Seminar House of Waseda University (Nagano prefecture). In 2014, 70 students joined the Kamogawa retreat and symposium (12-14 September, 2014).

Scenes from the 2012 joint program with LIMES, Universität Bonn

3-7 September:
7 students from Bonn stayed at laboratories in Waseda University to perform collaborative research.
8-11 September:
79 students and professors of both departments held a joint symposium at Karuizawa Seminar House of Waseda University (Nagano prefecture). All the student participants presented their own research and/or collaborative research plan in oral or poster presentations.
12-19 September:
16 students of Waseda University stayed at laboratories in LIMES, Bonn, to perform collaborative studies.
20, 21 September:
the 12th joint symposium held in LIMES, Bonn. All the students presented their output there.